Why Preserve Your Wedding Dress

Wedding dress

The decision to clean and preserve your wedding dress is very important.  Whether you’re hoping your dress becomes a family heirloom or you expect to wear it again yourself one day, understanding the delicate nature of your special garment may help make the decision a bit easier.

In normal wearing, skin oils and perspiration are absorbed into the fabric – wine, champagne or other sugary beverages may have even spilled on your dress; these organic compounds will undoubtedly damage the fabric if they are not neutralized or properly removed.

Here at Marky’s Dry Cleaners, we uphold the importance of having your bridal gown professionally cleaned before being stored long-term.  In fact, in addition to cleaning, proper storage is vital to the overall safety and security of such a special garment.  Scientific research proves that archival materials can protect delicate fabric from age and decay.  For these reasons, we strongly advise against having gown vacuum-sealed as plastics are used.  Instead, the preservation process must ensure that your gown be wrapped in acid-free materials before being placed in an acid-free textile storage box.

The box should be stored in an area where temperature and humidity levels are as constant as possible, preferably in a closet that is located on an interior wall; attics or basements are not appropriate locations for storage – in fact, spaces that are in close proximity to heating or air conditioning vents, pipes and even spaces that are exposed to direct sunlight should be carefully avoided.

Upon storage, about every 2-3 years your box should be opened and your gown inspected.  But brides remember, always wash your hands with a small amount of baking soda and warm water before handling this precious garment or wear cotton gloves.

At Comet Cleaners of Denton Texas we follow the guidelines recommenced by the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC. This is just the final detail that protects all of your wedding day memories and guarantees your gown’s perfect preservation for years to come!


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