The Problem With Custom-Made Comforters Is…

comforterCustom-made things, whether suits, shirts, quilts or comforters, are beautiful and usually fit just right.  After all, why shouldn’t they?  You pick out the colors, the fabric, the style, the trim and you measure for the exact fit.  So how could there be a problem with anything custom made, especially comforters?

One thing that can go wrong is shrinkage.  When the fabric used in a comforter is not pre-shrunk the comforter may shrink and no longer fit the bed as you intended.

Most tailors get it right for custom-made clothes.  But we occasionally see comforters, quilts,slip covers and bedspreads that will shrink with the first cleaning.  Sometimes custom-made comforters are made with different fabrics and trims.  Its not uncommon to see these items shrink more than you might think possible after cleaning.

Imagine a custom-made comforter made with three different fabrics – one fabric shrinks a lot, one just a little and one none at all.  This is a mess!  But it can happen.

Custom-made comforters will not have a care label so you should ask the maker if the fabric has been pre-shrunk and what fabric was used in the comforter.  And don’t forget about the filling that could be polyester batting, wool, silk or down feathers.

So what should you do if that custom-made comforter is suddenly 4 inches shorter or tightens up in the stitching after cleaning? 

Take it back to the maker…and we can explain what you should do!

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