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Leather is a fashionable and versatile material.  In ancient times leather was used for everything from roof, viking ships, clothes and body armor.  Today it’s more common to see leather in Jackets, purses, and shoes.

Though it’s derived from the same source, cleaning leather is a very delicate process.  Since Leather’s uses are primarily superficial, the focus of leather care is in maintaining its appearance as opposed to its functionality.

By this time of year, your leather pieces have been out of winter storage for a while and may have been worn a few times.  Are you noticing stains?  How about dark areas around the cuffs and collars?  Do you use hair spray, perfumes, or spray on deodorant?  If so, you should probably think about having your leather cleaned even if you are not yet seeing stains.  These items can cause damage to leather if left on for an extended period of time.  The danger is, often, you don’t notice these clear stains until problems have begun.

The process for cleaning leather at home is risky and definitely not recommended. It is easy to accidentally change the color of the garment by using the wrong procedures or chemicals. Most people prefer to have their leather clothing cleaned at a dry cleaner because professional leather cleaning is in the hands of those familiar with the particular needs and idiosyncrasies of leather. The bottom line is that professional leather cleaning will prevent or minimize color change and other visual qualities.

For those who insist on attempting to clean leather at home, it is important to test your cleaning materials on a small part of the leather, preferably somewhere that isn’t really visible. We recommend that you avoid products such as mink oil, shoe polish, and traditional leather cleaners for furniture or car interiors. Other products can be tested on the garment to determine their quality.

The gentlest cleaning product will be a moisturizing body wash, such as Dove. Put the product on a lightly dampened cloth, and see how the leather responds. Diluted white vinegar can also be effective in cleaning certain types and styles of leather.

Some stains like ink or permanent marker may not come off leather with home cleaning.  At this point only a Professional Leather Cleaner is equipped to handle such a stain.  Cleaning may involve removing the finish of the leather and only a Professional Leather Cleaner can restore the finish once the stain has been removed.

Though we’ve provided some tips for at home care, there are no guarantees that you’ll be able to remove a stain without completely destroying your garment.  Remember that some damage is not reversible, so any at home cleaning will be at your own risk.

Cleaning Leather Is An Annual Affair…Don’t Leave It To Next Year

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