Be Photogenic with Proper Dry Cleaning and Garment Selection

It’s inevitable that someone will at some point snap a picture of you. Sometimes you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the resulting photo, but more often than not, you will find it repulsive. While the world is sprinkled with folks who always seem to take a great picture, most of us struggle and often require multiple takes before finding a photo that is suitable to be seen.

Being Photogenic is not about being a beauty queen or king. It refers more to being able to highlight your attractive attributes in photos. Knowing what angles complement your face, knowing what you look like when you smile, and wearing the right outfit all play a part in the making of the perfect photo. Even when not under the scrutiny of a camera, knowing how to highlight your best attributes can be a huge benefit. As a Dry Cleaners in Denton Texas, our forte is clothing of all kinds. Posing for pictures can be learned through trial and error, or by a professional photographer, but we can give you the rundown on clothes!

Selecting the right clothing can be difficult. Color and clothing style are two of the most important factors for a great photo.

stripes phixr Stay away from patterns that are overly busy. They can really distract from the main focus- you! It’s best to also avoid stripes, vertical or horizontal.

Since we are three dimensional, placing our image in a two dimensional format is already going to give bizarre illusions. Any kind of stripe will only enhance that illusion. For example, horizontal stripes tend to make something appear wider while vertical stripes can give the illusion of elongation. You may think that is a good thing, and there are always exceptions to the rule, but you’ll just have to see what works for you. For those of us who prefer to present ourselves with their natural attributes, vertical stripes can minimize the bust or elongate the torso leading to an undesired unproportional effect.

It’s also best to avoid a single color, especially one that may match the background. This can make you appear bland and washed out. Get to know your skin tone and pick colors that complement you and your surroundings. Hair color can also play a part in selecting the best colors on you. Again, trial and error may be your best bet.

Digital cameras have difficulty properly displaying closely spaced stripes, small patterns, and the colors black, white, and red. Such bold colors can throw off the contrast making you appear strangely colored. Pay careful attention to the condition of your clothes. Worn or faded clothing can give the wrong impression. For photo-worthy clothes, be sure to always have them properly cared for by a Professional Dry Cleaners.

Style of clothing is an equally important factor to consider. Avoid trendy clothing that can date the photo. The last thing you’d want is someone looking at this picture in a few years from now gawking over your huge sleeves or pronounced shoulder pads like we do over photos from the 80’s. Stick with simple, classic pieces.

Following our tips can ensure the best photo experience. Though we can’t guarantee you’ll come out looking like a movie star, paying careful attention to what you wear is a major step in creating a great picture. Take time to find what works for you; take time to ensure your clothes look their best by bringing them to us at Marky’s Dry Cleaners in Denton Texas.

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