Let’s Prevent Insect Damage to wool clothing


Few things are more disappointing than donning an expensive wool sweater, only to find that moths have been snacking on the threads for weeks. Reweaving is costly and patching is almost impossible.

Although we imagine that it is the winged creatures that have done the damage it is actually the larvae that feed on the wool, hair or feathers. What ever they can get access to.

In truth the larvae can”t live on pure wool.  They need proteins, mineral salts and vitamin B complex to complete their life cycle.  Sweat, food crumbs or beverage stains provide just what a healthy moth larvae needs. That why having your wool clothing cleaned regularly.  At Marky’s Dry Cleaners of Denton, Texas we know just exactly how to starve these guys.

If your planning to store your sweaters or other items away for the warmer months we have moth proof cedar lined bags available for storage. Remember, mothballs and moth flakes must be used in a tightly close container (not a closet) to be effective. Extreme caution should be used before breathing their vapors. Regular cleaning and tightly closed bags and chest are the best ways to deal with clothes moths.

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