Leather & Suede Cleaning

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You can get many years of wear out of your favorite leathers and suede’s if you clean them properly. If they’ve been in the attic or basement for a while, they might have a musty order to them. Don’t wear them like that. Get them into us for the proper care and cleaning.

We have lots of experience in the cleaning, finishing and restoration of leather and suede. We can keep your those leathers and suede’s of yours in tip-top condition. Our cleaning process is patented and is state of the art. You want your leathers and suedes rejuvenated? Do you want them to get back to their original luster? We can do that. Bring them in or leave them in your garment bag for pick-up. Or call 940-323-2200 if you have any questions.


Mark E. Kerr
Mark E. Kerr

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