Why Invest in a Mesh Laundry Bag?

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Have you ever washed a delicate blouse only to pull it out and realize it’s covered in snags and tears?  How about discovered mystery holes in your favorite t-shirt?   Marky’s Dry Cleaners in Denton Texas swears by the use of mesh laundry bags and here we will discuss why we think every household should own at least one.

It’s happened to everyone and I’ve had to throw away more clothes than I’d like to admit because of it.  Designers will keep using delicate fabrics and mass producers will keep using low quality fabrics, both of which can result in holes, snags, and tears in some of your favorite items.  While not a fool proof option, using a mesh bag to clean these items can greatly reduce the risk of damage to your clothing and increase it’s lifespan.

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The humble but oh-so-versitile mesh laundry bag is best used with one or two items at a time.  It works by creating a physical barrier against the contents and the outside items.  This reduces the amount of friction on the actual delicate pieces and guards against unwanted snagging and such from buttons, hooks, and other adornments on other items in the wash.
The mesh also has the perfect design to allow sufficient water flow to ensure your clothes get just as clean as they would if they were loose.
Also known as a lingerie bag, it’s long been used just for nighties, slips, and pantyhose.  Expand your horizons and use it for so much more.

Other things to note:

  • Some mesh bags come with separate compartments inside, perfect for washing two or three blouses at once!
  • Using a mesh bag to wash a sweater can help reduce pilling.
  • Mesh bags are a great way to wash sneakers!
  • Use mesh bags to separate special needs clothing from the general load such as items that must be hung or laid flat to dry.

At Marky’s Dry Cleaners in Denton Texas, we are a full service Dry Cleaners and would love to take on the task of cleaning your delicates.

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On Site Cleaning = Access To Professional Dry Cleaning Management

At Marky’s Dry Cleaners we do our dry cleaning and laundry on site.  This gives you access to professional dry cleaning management and 60+ years in combined dry cleaning experience.

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