Ever had that eye twitch

eyesEye Twitch

You think that you’re the only one, but an eye twitch can happen to just about anyone without any sort of warning at all. It can be just the tiniest of vibrations or it can seem to be really jumping.

There are a few reasons your eye can seem like it has developed a life of its own. It could possibly be allergies, stress, fatigue, and even taking certain medication. All of these can affect or irritate the nerve endings in the eye causing muscles in the eyelid to twitch. This can last for a couple of minutes or a couple of days. Rarely, it can last for a month. You can minimize the twitching by holding down your eyelid with your fingers for a couple minutes. For more stubborn twitches, apply a warm compress for five minutes three times a day. Any twitches that persist, should probably be evaluated by your physician.

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