How a Dry Cleaning Service Can Help You Live A Better Life


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When you really take a look at the numbers, you may see that most American’s do not have their priorities in order.  Learn how picking the best Dry Cleaner, like  Marky’s Dry Cleaners in Denton, Texas can help you focus on what is really important in your life.

Free Dry Cleaning Valet Pick Up and Delivery Service

What would you do if you had an extra year to do whatever you wanted?  Take a long vacation?  Spend quality time with your family?  Relax?  Americans drive an average of 789,000 miles in their lifetime and spend:

  • Over 9,100 hours commuting to and from work. (Over 379 days!)
  • 4,050 hours stuck in standstill traffic.  (Almost 169 days!)
  • 4,320 hours at traffic lights.  (Exactly 180 days)
  • 37,047 total hours behind the wheel of a vehicle.  (A Whopping 1,543 days!)

The best dry cleaners will hand finish each garment, check for and replace missing buttons, and make simple alterations a breeze.  We also send back each item perfectly pressed and ready to wear.

That is a lot of time, and while we can’t really help with your drive to work, we can save you time, gas, and mileage with our Free Dry Cleaning Valet Pick Up and Delivery Service.  Save time each week and let us come to you!  No lines, no wasting gas; With three Locations and a large coverage area, trying our route service is a win!  We’ll even give you $10 worth of Free Dry Cleaning just for trying it out.  Sign up here or call us at 940-323-2200!


Wash and Fold Service

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A typical working, American mom will spend a total of five monironing.

A typical working, American mom will spend a total of five months of her life doing laundry in the time it takes one child to turn 18.  Another 156 days of her life are spent ironing. Granted, laundry is so much easier now-a-days with the automatic washing machine.  No longer do we having to break our backs over wash boards or rocks in the creek out back.  Still, life isn’t as simple as it was back in those days and more is needing to be accomplished in a shorter amount of time.

Emptying out pockets, pairing up socks and hunting for elusive underwear under a bed takes up a large chunk of time.  55 percent of the population has forgotten clothes in the washing machine which means re-washing.  That’s more time, more detergent, and more water being used  Marky’s Cleaners in Denton Texas has a solution!

Our Wash and Fold service saves you plenty of time.  Let us wash, dry, and fold your laundry to free you up for more important things.  We take care of emptying pockets, sorting lights and darks and all you have to do is put it away.  If you use our Free Pick up and Delivery Service, you don’t even need to set foot in the store.


Dress Shirt Folding Services

Travel is folded shirts

Travel is usually inevitable.  Whether for business or pleasure, the key to a good trip is packing properly. Bringing a variety of clothing can give you a better selection so you are comfortable and prepared of whatever comes up.  Business trips happen.  Garment bags are big and bulky, and really don’t do much to preserve the integrity of the clothing inside when jammed in the overhead bin of a plane.  So what do you do?

Allow Champion Cleaners to fold those items for you.  This saves you the headache of trying to jam everything in your suitcase.  With all your items neatly folded and suitcase ready, all you need to do is stack and go.  From Button up shirts, polos, and slacks, we can make packing your dress shirts and your casual shirts a breeze.


Using a Full Service Dry Cleaners (like us!) can really help you save time, money, gas, and effort.  We take pride in all we do so you can rest assured it’s done right or it’s free.  It is both an honor and a pleasure to provide these services to our customers and if there’s anything else you could need, please to not hesistate to ask.


789,000 miles (1284256 km)
789,000 miles (1284256 km)789,000 miles in thier lifetime.  Here’s a breakdown of what we’re doing.  9,100 hours is spent commuting to work, 4,050 hours stuck in standstill traffic, 4,320 hours is spent at stop lights.
789,000 miles (1284256 km)

Dry Cleaning Delivered Right to Your Door:  Get $10.00 in FREE dry cleaning and laundry.

Did you know that for no extra cost Marky’s will pick up and deliver your cleaning…twice each week…replace missing buttons…repair lose hems and seams…for FREE?

Schedule your delivery service and get $10 off your first order.

Keep Your Washing Machine and Laundry Smelling Fresh

It pretty gross to think that the one machine you depend on to keep your clothes clean could actually be dirty, but the truth is that it is a perfect environment for yucky stuff. Here are some ideas that you can use to fix this problem.

It’s a dark, moist, and warm environment that allows bacteria and mold to grow and thrive.  Sure, your drum may look shiny, but look closer at the gasket, the nooks and that crannies.  Chances are you’ll spot the smelly gunk taking up residence there.

Sometimes the nastiness on our clothes can get stuck in these spots and allow bacteria to grow.  There’s plenty for the buggers to eat as they feast on soap scum, dead skin cells, and body oils.  This increases when we use too much laundry soap and the machine is unable to rinse it completely away.  What’s left is a scummy goo that stays in the machine and on your clothes.

 No one wants these guys sticking around and stinking up the place!


Enough of that; I’m sure you get the picture here.  You’ve identified the enemy, so now what?

Clean Clean Clean!

Wipe down the outside of the machine with the door closed using a clean, damp rag.  See if your knobs come off and soak them for a bit in a 50\50 mix of warm water and white vinegar.  If needed, use an old toothbrush to scrub.

Sweep or vacuum under and around the machine.  You just might find that orphaned sock that went missing a month ago!  Check to make sure the floor under the machine is dry.   If it is wet or even slightly damp, you may have a leak.  Get your machine checked out and serviced if needed.  Leaving a leak unattended may result in the growth of even more bacteria and mold and could damage your floors.

Open the door to the washer and examine the rubbery parts, seals, gaskets, etc.  These hiding spots are usually the main homes of odor causing bacteria in washing machines.


Pretty yucky, right?  Wipe the areas down with a damp rag and you’re sure to find deposits of some kind of hairy, greasy, goopy mass.  Wipe that mess away.  Really get the cracks by attacking it with a Q-Tip, toothbrush, and even a toothpick.

You can attack the area with more of the water and vinegar mixture if you like, but I prefer to use a capful of bleach in a cup of warm water to sanitize the area.  Wipe the bleach mixture onto all of the previously gunky parts insude the drum, around the door and on the outer portion on the gaskets.  Allow the mix to sit for a few minutes and wipe down any of the esternal surfaces with plain water.

The Finale

If your machine is a front loader, pour in 2 cups of bleach.  Top loaders need 4 cups.  Adjust your machine’s settings to “hot”, or “whites” and allow the tub to fill.  Once it’s completely filled, interrupt the cycle and allow the solution to soak for 30-45 minutes.  Finish out the cycle and be sure to run a second full cycle of just hot water to wash away any remaining bleach.

Sniff your machine.  If there is any bleach smell, run another full cycle without bleach for a second rinse.  If you still smell the funk, follow the above instructions using white vinegar.


Final note:  If you still have a stinky smell, it may be a filter that is located in the “guts” of the machine.  I’d recommend getting your machine professionally serviced.


It’s a lot of work to maintain a washing machine but it’s imperative in getting the best performance out of it.  If you just don’t have the time, remember that Marky’s Dry Cleaners in Denton Texas can take care of all that laundry for you.  From pristine Dress Shirtsto our wash, dry, and fold service, we can help take the headache out of laundry day.


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Professional Shirt Laundry by Marky’s Dry Cleaners serving Denton, Highland Village, Lantana and Corinth (940-323-2200)

  • Starch to your preference
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