Care and Cleaning of a Christmas Tree Skirt

Tree Shirt

Cleaning a Christmas Tree Skirt, regardless of the fabric composition, is a tricky process.  If done improperly, it can result in disaster.  The Professional Dry Cleaners here at Comet Cleaners in Denton Texas have been cleaning Christmas Tree Skirts for over ten years and have perfected methods based on what it’s made of.  Felt cannot be cleaned the same way as silk, cotton cannot be laundered if it’s on a skirt with embroidery thread, etc…  For the best possible results, we recommend taking all tree skirts to a Professional Dry Cleaners.

Common tree skirt stains include:

  • Dirt, Dust
  • Sap
  • Animal messes
  • Water Spots

As all materials are treated differently, there is no one way to clean a tree skirt.  We NEVER suggest cleaning one yourself. If you insist on trying, be sure to test out anything on a hidden area to avoid completely ruining the skirt.

Things to note:

  • Felt is prone to shrinking and fading and must be handled carefully.
  • Dyes are rich in tree skirts.  They can easily bleed onto other fabrics.
  • Never attempt to clean a tree skirt that is lying on carpet.  The dye leakage could result in a permanent stain on your carpet.
  • Do not agitate or rub
  • Do not attempt to clean if there are both dark and light colors, like red and white.
  • Always follow the care label.  Most will say Dry Clean Only.  If there is no care label, err on the side of caution and take it to a Professional Dry Cleaners who holds a Certification in Dry Cleaning and a Certification in Wet Cleaning.  This ensures that any cleaning will be properly handled.
  • If you have pets, check you’re skirt often. Animals seem to love using tree skirts as potties.
We know all kitties love Christmas, but when they potty on a tree skirt it’s time to pause the festivities and deal with the stain.  The ammonia in urine can cause the dyes of the fabric to run and stain anything underneath.  You also face the tree skirt itself being ruined.  Should you notice a spot, take to your dry cleaners immediately.

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