How To Make Your Leather Boots Last


How To Make Your Leather Boots Last




Rain, mud, snow and salt are just a few of the conditions you may find yourself ankle-deep in, so it’s best to care for your boots on a regular basis. Depending on the material, consider waterproofing before wearing them regularly – consult with an associate or the manufacturer if you’re unsure about application. Also, brush them off, wiping away the dirt, salt, or any other debris after each wear.


To keep your boots looking good as new, treat them with a leather oil or cream to provide moisture (this can be messy, so consider applying in a well-ventilated area over old newspapers.)


If the weather in your area is particularly inclement, consider adding a traction sole to keep your footing solid. And when your boots do begin to show signs of wear, don’t fret – check with your local shoe repair person and look into a re-sole. Love your boots and your boots will love you!

At Marky’s Dry Cleaners in Denton Texas, we are a full service Dry Cleaners and would love to take on the task of cleaning your delicates.

Dry Cleaning Equipment

On Site Cleaning = Access To Professional Dry Cleaning Management

At Marky’s Dry Cleaners we do our dry cleaning and laundry on site.  This gives you access to professional dry cleaning management and 60+ years in combined dry cleaning experience.

Why Invest in a Mesh Laundry Bag?

hole in shirt
Have you ever washed a delicate blouse only to pull it out and realize it’s covered in snags and tears?  How about discovered mystery holes in your favorite t-shirt?   Marky’s Dry Cleaners in Denton Texas swears by the use of mesh laundry bags and here we will discuss why we think every household should own at least one.

It’s happened to everyone and I’ve had to throw away more clothes than I’d like to admit because of it.  Designers will keep using delicate fabrics and mass producers will keep using low quality fabrics, both of which can result in holes, snags, and tears in some of your favorite items.  While not a fool proof option, using a mesh bag to clean these items can greatly reduce the risk of damage to your clothing and increase it’s lifespan.

meshbag phixr

The humble but oh-so-versitile mesh laundry bag is best used with one or two items at a time.  It works by creating a physical barrier against the contents and the outside items.  This reduces the amount of friction on the actual delicate pieces and guards against unwanted snagging and such from buttons, hooks, and other adornments on other items in the wash.
The mesh also has the perfect design to allow sufficient water flow to ensure your clothes get just as clean as they would if they were loose.
Also known as a lingerie bag, it’s long been used just for nighties, slips, and pantyhose.  Expand your horizons and use it for so much more.

Other things to note:

  • Some mesh bags come with separate compartments inside, perfect for washing two or three blouses at once!
  • Using a mesh bag to wash a sweater can help reduce pilling.
  • Mesh bags are a great way to wash sneakers!
  • Use mesh bags to separate special needs clothing from the general load such as items that must be hung or laid flat to dry.

At Marky’s Dry Cleaners in Denton Texas, we are a full service Dry Cleaners and would love to take on the task of cleaning your delicates.

Dry Cleaning Equipment

On Site Cleaning = Access To Professional Dry Cleaning Management

At Marky’s Dry Cleaners we do our dry cleaning and laundry on site.  This gives you access to professional dry cleaning management and 60+ years in combined dry cleaning experience.

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Keep Your Washing Machine and Laundry Smelling Fresh

It pretty gross to think that the one machine you depend on to keep your clothes clean could actually be dirty, but the truth is that it is a perfect environment for yucky stuff. Here are some ideas that you can use to fix this problem.

It’s a dark, moist, and warm environment that allows bacteria and mold to grow and thrive.  Sure, your drum may look shiny, but look closer at the gasket, the nooks and that crannies.  Chances are you’ll spot the smelly gunk taking up residence there.

Sometimes the nastiness on our clothes can get stuck in these spots and allow bacteria to grow.  There’s plenty for the buggers to eat as they feast on soap scum, dead skin cells, and body oils.  This increases when we use too much laundry soap and the machine is unable to rinse it completely away.  What’s left is a scummy goo that stays in the machine and on your clothes.

 No one wants these guys sticking around and stinking up the place!


Enough of that; I’m sure you get the picture here.  You’ve identified the enemy, so now what?

Clean Clean Clean!

Wipe down the outside of the machine with the door closed using a clean, damp rag.  See if your knobs come off and soak them for a bit in a 50\50 mix of warm water and white vinegar.  If needed, use an old toothbrush to scrub.

Sweep or vacuum under and around the machine.  You just might find that orphaned sock that went missing a month ago!  Check to make sure the floor under the machine is dry.   If it is wet or even slightly damp, you may have a leak.  Get your machine checked out and serviced if needed.  Leaving a leak unattended may result in the growth of even more bacteria and mold and could damage your floors.

Open the door to the washer and examine the rubbery parts, seals, gaskets, etc.  These hiding spots are usually the main homes of odor causing bacteria in washing machines.


Pretty yucky, right?  Wipe the areas down with a damp rag and you’re sure to find deposits of some kind of hairy, greasy, goopy mass.  Wipe that mess away.  Really get the cracks by attacking it with a Q-Tip, toothbrush, and even a toothpick.

You can attack the area with more of the water and vinegar mixture if you like, but I prefer to use a capful of bleach in a cup of warm water to sanitize the area.  Wipe the bleach mixture onto all of the previously gunky parts insude the drum, around the door and on the outer portion on the gaskets.  Allow the mix to sit for a few minutes and wipe down any of the esternal surfaces with plain water.

The Finale

If your machine is a front loader, pour in 2 cups of bleach.  Top loaders need 4 cups.  Adjust your machine’s settings to “hot”, or “whites” and allow the tub to fill.  Once it’s completely filled, interrupt the cycle and allow the solution to soak for 30-45 minutes.  Finish out the cycle and be sure to run a second full cycle of just hot water to wash away any remaining bleach.

Sniff your machine.  If there is any bleach smell, run another full cycle without bleach for a second rinse.  If you still smell the funk, follow the above instructions using white vinegar.


Final note:  If you still have a stinky smell, it may be a filter that is located in the “guts” of the machine.  I’d recommend getting your machine professionally serviced.


It’s a lot of work to maintain a washing machine but it’s imperative in getting the best performance out of it.  If you just don’t have the time, remember that Marky’s Dry Cleaners in Denton Texas can take care of all that laundry for you.  From pristine Dress Shirtsto our wash, dry, and fold service, we can help take the headache out of laundry day.


button missing of mans shirt resized 600

Professional Shirt Laundry by Marky’s Dry Cleaners serving Denton, Highland Village, Lantana and Corinth (940-323-2200)

  • Starch to your preference
  • Guaranteed button replacement
  • Ready, right or it’s free!

Be Photogenic with Proper Dry Cleaning and Garment Selection

It’s inevitable that someone will at some point snap a picture of you. Sometimes you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the resulting photo, but more often than not, you will find it repulsive. While the world is sprinkled with folks who always seem to take a great picture, most of us struggle and often require multiple takes before finding a photo that is suitable to be seen.

Being Photogenic is not about being a beauty queen or king. It refers more to being able to highlight your attractive attributes in photos. Knowing what angles complement your face, knowing what you look like when you smile, and wearing the right outfit all play a part in the making of the perfect photo. Even when not under the scrutiny of a camera, knowing how to highlight your best attributes can be a huge benefit. As a Dry Cleaners in Denton Texas, our forte is clothing of all kinds. Posing for pictures can be learned through trial and error, or by a professional photographer, but we can give you the rundown on clothes!

Selecting the right clothing can be difficult. Color and clothing style are two of the most important factors for a great photo.

stripes phixr Stay away from patterns that are overly busy. They can really distract from the main focus- you! It’s best to also avoid stripes, vertical or horizontal.

Since we are three dimensional, placing our image in a two dimensional format is already going to give bizarre illusions. Any kind of stripe will only enhance that illusion. For example, horizontal stripes tend to make something appear wider while vertical stripes can give the illusion of elongation. You may think that is a good thing, and there are always exceptions to the rule, but you’ll just have to see what works for you. For those of us who prefer to present ourselves with their natural attributes, vertical stripes can minimize the bust or elongate the torso leading to an undesired unproportional effect.

It’s also best to avoid a single color, especially one that may match the background. This can make you appear bland and washed out. Get to know your skin tone and pick colors that complement you and your surroundings. Hair color can also play a part in selecting the best colors on you. Again, trial and error may be your best bet.

Digital cameras have difficulty properly displaying closely spaced stripes, small patterns, and the colors black, white, and red. Such bold colors can throw off the contrast making you appear strangely colored. Pay careful attention to the condition of your clothes. Worn or faded clothing can give the wrong impression. For photo-worthy clothes, be sure to always have them properly cared for by a Professional Dry Cleaners.

Style of clothing is an equally important factor to consider. Avoid trendy clothing that can date the photo. The last thing you’d want is someone looking at this picture in a few years from now gawking over your huge sleeves or pronounced shoulder pads like we do over photos from the 80’s. Stick with simple, classic pieces.

Following our tips can ensure the best photo experience. Though we can’t guarantee you’ll come out looking like a movie star, paying careful attention to what you wear is a major step in creating a great picture. Take time to find what works for you; take time to ensure your clothes look their best by bringing them to us at Marky’s Dry Cleaners in Denton Texas.

Dry Cleaning Equipment On Site Cleaning = Access To Professional Dry Cleaning Management

At Marky’s Dry Cleaners we do our dry cleaning and laundry on site.  This gives you access to professional dry cleaning management in Denton, Corinth, Flower Mound, Lantana and Highland Village all with Certified Garment Care Professional credentials.

Tips for cleaning white clothes

Whites are the toughest clothes to keep looking crisp and clean, with our crazy lives full of work, school, play, pets and messy meals. Check out these tips for cleaning your white clothes:

Always, always, always sort

Even if you’ve washed your favorite pair of blue jeans twenty times, there’s always the chance that dyes or additives to the denim fabric can mix into the water. Even a small bit of color can make whites appear dingy or stained, so always be sure to take the time to sort your whites from your colors.

Heat is your friend

Although many people have begun to wash every load in cold or cool water to save on energy bills and protect the environment, whites need truly hot water to remain looking bright and clean. For most fabrics, hot water will always clean better, but be sure to consult the care tag to be sure it won’t cause shrinking in a particular garment.

When life gives you lemons, use the juice

If you’re accustomed to using bleach in your white loads, you know that it can begin to have a graying quality on clothing after many washes, not to mention it has been known to irritate delicate skin. Lemon juice, when added to a washer, has natural whitening qualities that will keep your clothes looking brand new in a much gentler manner than bleach.

Ditch the dryer

Natural fabrics like cotton can begin to fray in overly hot dryers, making them look aged. To maintain that like-new look, dry your whites outdoors in the sunlight whenever possible. They’ll dry more quickly, and the sun’s rays actually have whitening and disinfecting properties that keep your clothes both brighter and healthier.

Pretreat those nasty stains

Although it takes extra time, pretreating stains on your whites will save you time and money in the end. Even if you’re using a powerful detergent in hot water for your wash cycle, it may not be enough to completely lift a stain from a white garment. Pretreating formulas or homemade pastes made from laundry detergent and a little water help to dissolve stains before they go into the wash, making it more likely that a wash cycle will completely erase the stain.

If you’ve been bleaching your dingy, dirty whites with no success, employ these tips for any new white clothing you purchase and you’ll be sure to see positive results. Proper care of white clothing saves you time and money, and it can be accomplished without using harsh chemicals that can harm your family and your clothing.

Here are five easy tips from the folks at TLC to help you ditch the dingy, stained laundry and keep your whites looking like new, all without using harsh bleach chemicals.

Ever wonder what those funny symbols mean on the care label

What do those crazy symbols mean?

Many of today’s garments have care labels with symbols that may appear to be hieroglyphics to some.  These labels give the consumer and the Professional Dry Cleaner invaluable information about the care required to keep your garment in like new condition for as long as possible.  Some labels have only these symbols.  Other will have a combination of symbols and text to help you understand what is the best way to care for your clothes.

An industry standard for these symbols is available on line at The first page of this guide just categorizes the labels. Click on the individual cleaning methods for more detailed symbols.

At Marky’s Dry Cleaning we are always looking for ways to make your clothing care easier and more affordable.  Let me here from you if you’ve got questions about how
to care for any item.

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Summer 2013 Officewear Trends for Women From Your Dry Cleaner

Staying stylish at work is of upmost importance to appear “with it” and relevant.   Keeping tabs on new ideas for work appropriate attire is a great way to spice up your wardrobe and keep your style fresh.  As Professional Dry Cleaners in Denton Texas, we see on a daily basis new and interesting garments.  I thought it would be a great time to share some of these styles with you.

sleevelessjacketjpeg phixr This is one of my favorite looks, classy and chic, and a great look for summer office wear.  I find the traditional long sleeved, heavy suit jackets are not only confining, but are usually far too hot and uncomfortable.  This is esspecially true if you deal with very hot and humid summers like we do in the south.

By getting rid of the sleeves, you’ve just upped your comfort factor many times over.  A look like this also maintains it’s office appropriateness by remaining structured and modest, while remaining cool and stylish.  The belt accentuates the waist perfectly.  This is a versitile piece that can be worn as shown, layered with a sleeveless blouse, or can be paired with any color slacks.

This look dresses up a pair of bermuda shorts to keep you looking professional and oh so comfortable!  Pairing a tailored short with a breezy white safari shirt and adding matching accessories make this whole look work.

The belt works to dress up this casual shirt and accentuate the waist.  The bag is a neutral color that compliments the entire outfit.  Shoes are heels to keep the whole look office appropriate.

For casual looks, you can wear a sensible pair of flats if your workplace allows, or dress it up with heels as shown.

This look and photo is courtesy of nyandcompany.

safari05jpeg phixr
thjpeg phixr Lastly, here we have the belted tunic.  This look is a great look for many reasons; it’s cool enough for those super hot days, shorter tunics can be paired with nice shorts, a complimentary skirt, or skinny slacks.

Again, the belt acsecuates the waist.  Heels are shown in the example and can be switched out for a cute pair of sandals in more casual environments.

Summer fabrics are going to be light and airy by design.  This means that most wont last too long if you were to just throw them in a washing machine.  Pay special attention to care labels and if it says Dry Clean only, be sure to bring it to you Dry Cleaner!

Did Your Dry Cleaner Shrink Your Blouse?

So Why Did Your Blouse Shrink?Dry Cleaners Birmingham Alabama

A customer recently asked us about a problem she had with one of her St. Johns blouses (the photo to the right is not a St. John’s blouse).  St. Johns is a popular label and usually good quality.  She washed it at home and allowed it to air dry on a clean towel according to care label instructions.  So did she do something wrong or is a problem with the blouse?

My opinion is the fabric in the blouse was not pre-shrunk so when the blouse was washed, it shrank to a smaller size.  Garments should be made from fabric that is pre-shrunk and when this has not been done, it is a manufacturer’s defect.

Garment manufacturers stretch fabric as much as possible to get the maximum amount of fabric when making a garment.  When the garment is washed, it returns to its natural state.  When manufacturers use pre-shrunk fabric, that problem is solved.

If shrinkage occurs when you followed care label instructions, here’s how to handle the problem:

  • Return it to the retailer.  Responsible retailers will replace the garment or refund your money.
  • If you get no satisfaction from the retailer, contact the manufacturer.  Use the label information, including the Registered Number (“RN#”) and a quick Google search and you’re usually just a phone call away from a solution…depending on the customer friendly orientation of the retailer or manufacturer.

We have helped scores of customers resolve problems like this and have found that most manufacturers keep data bases on complaints on the different garments.  We’ve heard comments from customer service representatives like, “Yes, we are having a problem with this item.  May we ship you a replacement that should not shrink?”

If you have a garment that shrinks but has been cleaned according to care label instructions, it’s not the fault of the person cleaning the garment…you or your dry cleaner.  We can help you resolve this type of problem.

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“Best of Denton” – 2013

"Best of Denton"

A great big thank you to all my customers who voted for us this year for best Dry Cleaners in Denton Texas.  I believe that my customers are my business and do what ever it takes to ensure they get the best service possible.


Visit my website, to find information and discounts for your next visit.  I hope to continue to provide the best Dry Cleaning service possible.  Let me know how I can better serve you by sending an email to or contact me at my website using this link.  Contact Marky.


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Hanger Recycling – Dry Cleaners Care

Dry Cleaners CareHanger Recycle logo

Marky’s Dry Cleaners has joined with the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute to  reduce the energy, raw material, landfill space needed for steel hangers and contribute to a greener planet.

Our Goal

30 Million Less Hangers in 2013!

2013 will see thirty million fewer hangers making their way to landfills thanks to cleaners participating in the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute’s “DLI Cleaners Care Hanger Recycling Program.” The new program spans the globe and encourages members to recycle hangers to reduce waste.